CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) Award to PT. TANAHMAS KENCANA ABADI

Lamongan – PT. TANAHMAS KENCANA ABADI Lamongan received an award for companies participating in the CSR (Corporate social Responsibility) program, namely companies that care about and provide social assistance to the environment where the company is located. This award awarded to PT. TANAHMAS KENCANA ABADI Lamongan since we were able to hold a Covid vaccine for doses of 1, 2, and 3(first doses)  in 2021 which really helped the surrounding community, as well as from the parameters of hiring local human resources, especially the Kedungpring area and its surroundings. With approximately of 80% of the total employees come from the local area , it is indirectly help the government’s effort to reduce unemployment. In addition, in the West Area, especially the  Kedungpring and Modo PT. TANAHMAS KENCANA ABADI Lamongan is the only company that has received an award so that it can help build a good brand image among entrepreneurs and the district government at Lamongan. This is the proof of our dedication to keep our environment growing and healthy for a better community . We will keep initiates our CSR programme through our goals in the future.