Mass COVID -19 Vaccination Activity at
PT. Tanahmas Kencana Abadi
Lamongan 2021

Kalen, Lamongan – In order to support the government’s program to accelerate the COVID 19 pandemic and herd immunity education for residents of the Lamongan regency region, especially employees of PT. Tanahmas Kencana AbadiI and residents around the company. The company’s management, in coordination with responsible authorities, especially KODIM 0812 Lamongan, has up to 350 vaccinations on Monday (28.06.21) and Phase 2 on Monday (26/07/2021) as many as 400 dose that is intended for employees of PT. Tanahmas Kencana Abadi and the community around the company. 

This is the first mass vaccine activity carried out by a private company in the Lamongan Regency in collaboration with KODIM 0812 Lamongan. The Phase 1 and Phase 2 vaccine activities were enthusiastically received from the staff and the surrounding community, and the activities were successful and smooth. Management is  grateful to KODIM 0812 LAMONGAN and relevant authorities for the success of the Government Program to accelerate the response to the Covid 19 pandemic. Mass vaccination campaigns allow company employees and communities to have an ideal immune system to fight the COVID 19 virus,  return to normal life, restore the community economy and in order to achieve