Our Family

Bumimas Permata Group was established in 2013, whose primary business is wood logging and marketing and manufacturing of plywood in Indonesia. The companies under Bumimas Permata Group have been working closely to bring out the best experience and service to our customers.  We have cultivated technology, trust, and experience through our skilled employees for the past years. Bumimas Permata Group appreciates the benefits of nature and utilizes the advantages of timber as a renewable natural resource. Started out from the family business, we firmly believe in the “ Power of People “. We believe that our business has been growing massively because of our supportive clients and employees who are aiming for the same vision and mission. Thus, Bumimas Permata Group has always aspire to continue bringing happiness into daily life and contributing to a prosperous society.

What We Believe

  • We enforce company and government rules, prioritizing safety and transparency first. 
  • We are committed to providing high-quality products that will satisfy our customers. 
  • We conduct business in accordance with ethical values and management decisions.
  • We cultivate a transparent and modest company culture that embodies a strong feeling of pride and drive for every employee. 
  • We contribute to the preservation of the environment and society as an example of corporate responsibility.


“We have been prioritising the safety of our employees since the beginning. We believe that we can only achieve the best quality possible when everyone is at their best condition” 

– Billy Hernando, GM